Liz Orient
Travel Journalist and Copy Editor
The Traveling Editor; San Diego Reader; East County Magazine; Food/Wine/Travel Magazine

I am a travel journalist by passion and a copy editor by trade. Both worlds allow me to express my love for Philip K. Dick novels, erasable pens, and the Oxford comma.

I enjoy writing about unique destinations in the United States and abroad. My favorite experiences involve meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I regularly contribute to the San Diego Reader, Food/Wine/Travel Magazine, and my own travel website. I have published over 30 magazine articles and blog posts.

Let's work together on promoting your destination or brand with publications and social media coverage. I am also available for ambassador opportunities, affiliate partnerships, and sponsored posts.

I am a proud member of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA), the San Diego Press Club, the American Copy Editors Society (ACES), and the San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN).

In my spare time, I watch cooking/design shows on Netflix, go horseback riding, or cuddle with my feline assistant, Sputnik.

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    06 Jan 2021

    Camping is a beloved pastime and a quintessential part of the San Diego lifestyle. Since 1962, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) has been on a mission to preserve the joy of camping and to make it an...
    14 Dec 2020

    The scent of ocean air mixed with fresh asphalt woke me from my slumber. The sound of construction filled my ears as I opened my eyes. Shipyards and industrious workers whizzed past our car. The sea...
    04 Dec 2020

    Partying on a remote island off the coast of Morocco? No problem for those who aren't a walking contradiction like me: I love traveling, but I'm not keen on flying. Once you accept that you'll be...
    01 Nov 2020

    The word “solitude” has a negative connotation, as if being alone equates to loneliness. Today's society encourages overstimulation and overcommitment, even in the midst of a pandemic. More than...
    14 Sep 2020

    Palm Springs: The Best Year-Round Destination in California

    International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association

    The desert city of Palm Springs is nostalgic and truly timeless. It serves as an iconic example of mid-century California living in the form of 1960s architecture, vintage cars, and palm-tree-lined...
    31 Aug 2020

    Albuquerque: Where the Creatives Roam and the Artists Play

    International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association

    New Mexico firmly stands by its state slogan as being the Land of Enchantment. Many people have mixed opinions about Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city, but it has certainly grown on me. Each...
    26 May 2020

    5 Things I Can't Travel Without

    International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association

    We travel addicts covet the items that make our lives easier. These are a few of my favorite things!
    17 May 2020

    Like most people hailing from Los Angeles, I have a healthy love-hate relationship with the city. I grew up a "valley kid" in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. Downtown, Santa Monica, Venice...
    11 Apr 2020

    Get Organized Those notes, draft articles, and photo dumps aren't going to magically file themselves away into their respective folders. This is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have...
    18 Mar 2020

    San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast epitomize California's laid-back lifestyle. However, many San Diegans don't consider these destinations due to the lack of direct travel options. Thankfully,...
    02 Feb 2020

    The Road to Cádiz, Spain

    San Diego Reader

    Sometimes, an adventure shifts your perspective and uproots your priorities. For me, that adventure was a road trip through Portugal and Spain in September. The story begins in Lisbon, Portugal: My...
    15 Sep 2019

    Discovering Oakland's Roots

    The Traveling Editor

    Oakland, California: welcoming and enterprising in spirit and gritty and multicultural in soul. It is a diverse city that has a similar “hustle and bustle” to San Francisco. After spending a weekend...
    07 Sep 2019

    Confession time: As a San Diego resident, it took me almost a decade to go wine tasting in Temecula. I broke the spell when my best friend celebrated her birthday at Pechanga Resort and Casino. She...
    10 Mar 2019

    As someone who has primarily lived in suburbia, I find myself escaping to small-town USA when I am in need of a change in scenery. Most San Diegans head to Julian, Palomar, or Cleveland National...
    06 Mar 2019

    With the “digital nomad” movement in full swing, travel writers and bloggers are keen to share their must-have items for working on the go. Read on to find out more about my working-while-traveling...
    23 Sep 2018

    "Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." ~ John Muir Ah, now I understand why my friends...
    31 Aug 2018

    Most people who know me understand my love for cooking and gastronomy. My second trip to San Francisco allowed me to deepen that passion. I practically ate my way through the city in four days....
    22 Jun 2018

    Oh, Joshua Tree. You are unique, far-flung and downright bizarre.... I first visited the quirky desert town several years ago and took to the creative community. While brainstorming road trip ideas...
    31 May 2018

    We live a good life and people tend to pick up on that when they stay here,” says Arline Bartick, co-owner of Starry Night Inn. Upon arrival at Don and Arline Bartick's charming bed and breakfast, ...
    18 May 2018

    Marinade on Main Review

    East County Magazine

    Downtown Ramona is home to a collection of quaint and charming eateries. Marinade on Main uniquely presents itself as a beloved farm-to-table cafe. One Sunday afternoon, my colleague and I decided to...